My Situation

Having a clear understanding of your situation will help you and your doctor make the decisions that are best for you. Do you fully understand your diagnosis? Is there anything your doctor needs to know about you or your lifestyle before deciding on treatment? Is there anything you’re not clear about? Be sure to think about your whole situation. Write down any questions, thoughts or concerns you have about your diagnosis, and anything that’s important for your doctor to know about you.


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Show sample questions
  • Can you clarify my diagnosis?
  • What does "stage" mean?
  • What caused my cancer?
  • How long have I had it?
  • Will other health problems be affected?
  • I work with my hands and I am concerned about neuropathy (numbness).
  • I have small children. Is there a treatment that may not make me so tired or fatigued?
  • I may have to travel for work during treatment. Will I be OK?