Let’s Talk Treatment Options helps you figure out what information and questions to share with your doctor to find the right treatment for you.

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Get Started

What is Let's Talk Treatment Options?

Let's Talk Treatment Options is a tool that will help you turn the thoughts spinning in your head into a written list of questions and concerns that you can talk over with your doctor. Here’s how it works: There are 6 simple steps that build on each other—My Situation, My Options, My Support, My Goals, My Other Questions and My List. We’ll work on them together, providing guidance and suggestions along the way. It’s a good idea to find a quiet place to work, and a half hour or so without interruptions. You can take breaks along the way. And, don’t worry if you forget to include something. You can always add it later. At the end you'll have your own personal list of questions and concerns to discuss with your doctor so that, together, you can make the right treatment decisions for you.